Coconut Shortbread Cookies
Serves: 12 2½" cookies
  • All Purpose Flour ¾ cup (95g)
  • Sweetened Flake Coconut ⅓ cup (30g)
  • Granulated Sugar or Coconut Sugar ¼ cup (50g)
  • Vegan Butter COLD 6 Tablespoons (85g)
  • Coconut Oil COLD 2 Tablespoons (28g)
  • Salt pinch
  • Coconut Extract 2 teaspoon (10ml)
  1. Combine the flour, sugar, salt and coconut flakes in a food processor and process until the coconut is finely ground
  2. Add the cold vegan butter and coconut oil and process until it starts to form a soft dough
  3. Add the vanilla extract, pulse again and then wrap in plastic and refrigerate for 1 hour
  4. Roll out on a lightly floured surface to ½" thick then cut out to the same diameter as your rice pudding molds (or just bake cookies in any size as you wish to serve as garnish with the regular rice pudding)
  5. bake in a preheated 350°F oven for approximately 12-15 minutes until golden brown, cool completely before adding to the rice pudding molds
Cookies can be kept for up to 1 week in an airtight container at room temperature
Recipe by Gretchen's Vegan Bakery at