About Me

I am a Culinary Institute of America graduate with a degree in Baking and Pastry Arts.

I have over 20 years experience in the professional baking industry with my most recent 10 years spent as the owner of a bakery in New Jersey.

I sold my bakery in late 2014 to pursue my online blogging and video tutorials career at Gretchen’s Bakery. com

The dilemma I faced most recently though, with my original blog at Gretchen’s Bakery is that I have been vegetarian for over 8 years and with in the last year, went vegan in my personal life.

However my business life was going against my personal beliefs and I have been in severe conflict on my youtube channel , blog AND when I owned my bakery by promoting the exploited animal industry.

I finally “got off the fence” in July of 2015 and decided to stop being a hypocrite and follow my heart and soul passion!

Click here for My Story- Why I went Vegan

Which is how you probably found me here today!

I do understand not everyone cares to be open to this kind of baking, but hoped and wished that folks will be open minded and give me the same understanding for following my heart.

This has not been the case 100% so far, as I have sadly been met with anger and hatred which is why I created this new blog here at www.gretchensveganbakery.com in an effort to separate the two as it really doesn’t make sense to have a vegan blog with non vegan recipes anyway!

I did not eliminate my old recipes at the original Gretchen’s Bakery since that was part of my life work and a very important chapter of my life; but I will only be creating vegan recipes from here on out here at gretchensVEGANbakery.com!

So let’s all band together, continue to live with compassion for all beings (both human and animal!).

By living in integrity and showing people our truth and the truth of a vegan lifestyle we can get more people on board with this sweeping way of the future!


You can contact me at gretchensbakery3@gmail.com