Blueberry Crumb Buns

Blueberry Crumb Bun

The world famous Crumb Bun just got Blueberry-ized!

Yes folks, I introduce to you~ my Blueberry Crumb Buns recipe.

Not to be confused with a Crumb Cake; and these are world famous because the way I make them, it is mostly crumb with very little bun.

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Vegan Soft Rolls Recipe

Hamburger Buns~ Vegan Soft Rolls Recipe

Finally a soft rolls hamburger bun that is suitable for my double decker California style vegan cheeseburger with all the works! (scroll to the bottom to see that masterpiece! yummmm!)

They almost didn’t make it to the burger part though since I was devouring these soft rolls faster than they could cool down out of the oven!

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